Re: Searchable Index to UK Anthropology theses

Pepe Martin (gpepe@CCUAM3.SDI.UAM.ES)
Fri, 27 Oct 1995 09:02:23 +0200

At 16:46 25/10/95 +0000, David Zeitlyn wrote:
>Searchable Index to UK Anthropology theses
>With the help of a small grant from the ESRC and with the kind permission
>of ASLIB and the R.A.I. (for some of the older data) a bibliography of
>(mainly) post-1970 British social anthropology doctorates including
>abstracts is being made available on Internet using the UKC World Wide Web
>Server (URL "").
....... SNIP ....


I just visted the above URL and I think it's easier to search that info
compiled using the following URL, which is as the above but a little bit


Thanks anyway, David.

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