Searchable Index to UK Anthropology theses

David Zeitlyn (D.Zeitlyn@UKC.AC.UK)
Wed, 25 Oct 1995 16:46:20 +0000

Searchable Index to UK Anthropology theses
With the help of a small grant from the ESRC and with the kind permission
of ASLIB and the R.A.I. (for some of the older data) a bibliography of
(mainly) post-1970 British social anthropology doctorates including
abstracts is being made available on Internet using the UKC World Wide Web
Server (URL ""). Currently this information is
only available in the annual ASLIB Index to UK Theses and on a
non-networkable CD. This project makes the data available world-wide via
the Internet in a form that can be easily searched and has incorporated
abstracts and titles not included on the ASLIB CD. It still reflects,
however, the arbitrariness of the ASLIB classification: some theses from
Social Anthropology departments have been classed as e.g. comparative
religion and not cross-indexed so we have not been able to include them

searching will get better soon - once we get to grips with freewais!

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