Forensic anthros in Honduras

William M. Loker (wloker@RA.MSSTATE.EDU)
Thu, 26 Oct 1995 11:34:20 -0500

Anthro List folks: I forward this news from the Catrachos list that
discusses Honduran affairs. I apologize that it is in Spanish. It deals
with the exhumation of human remains of people "disappeared" during the
1980s by the Honduran military, which was in active collaboration with
the U.S. gov't at that time (the contra war vs Nicaragua, etc). I post it
here because it mentions the work of forensic anthropologists in general
and the work of Clyde Snow in particular, who is characterized as "el
mejor antropologo del mundo" -- "the best anthropologist in the world."

While some of us may object to that characterization, it is undoubtedly
true that Snow and other forensic anthropologists (many trained by him)
continue to make an extremely valuable *applied* contribution to social
justice in the world through their work, eg in Argentina, Guatemala,
Honduras and other nations. No one appreciates their work more than the
families of the "Disappeared" who have suffered the gnawing doubt of the
fate of their kin. But is is also a service to everyone in the countries
affected and humanity in general in defense of basic human rights and an
end to impunity for those who perpetrate these abuses.

KUDOS to Clyde Snow and others who are doing this unpleasant, daring work
under very difficult conditions and often at considerable risk to their

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Tegucigalpa, Miercoles 25 de octubre de 1995


* Ropa confirma que restos exhumados son de ejecutado.
EL MAGUELAR, El Paraiso. La ropa encontrada ayer cerca del cadaver
desenterrado en El Magular, confirma la version de los moradores de que se
trata de uno de los ejecutados en la decada pasada. A los especialistas, que
hoy se dividiran para buscar en La Piramide los restos
>del tambien desaparecido Hans Albert Madisson, se les ha sumado el mejor
>antropologo del mundo, Clyde Snow.

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