CAMP '96 Conference at El Paso Texas

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CAMP '96 Conference--30th Annual Military History Conference
April 24-28, 1996 at El Paso, Texas

Accomodations: the Historic Camino Real ($73 single or double); Make room
reservations ASAP 800-769-4300 / (915) 534-3099; Mention the Conference and
the Council on America's Military Past (CAMP)

Some Conference Events:
Welcome Reception
Opening Ceremony at Fort Bliss- Luncheon Speaker at the O Club

Military History presentations on subjects to include: military operations
in the TX panhandle; Nike missiles; Officer's Wives of the Frontier Army;
Gen. Tojo's 'special' dentures during the 1947 war crimes trials; US Grant;
US Navy fleets after WWII; Aviation with the Punative Expedition; Aerial
border patrol after WWI; The Punative Expedition and Modernization of the
Army; The Presido of Juarez Mexico; The First Thanksgiving in America at El
Paso, A.D. 1598; Uniforms of the Frontier Army 1845-1890; etc.....

Additiona offers of speakers and papers are solicited and should be sent to:
CAMP '96 Conference, P.O. Box 1151, Fort Myer, VA 22211.

Conference Bus Tour Visits To:
Ft. Bliss Museum and the Air Defense Museum
War Eagle Museum (historic aircraft)
Hart's Mill Site (historic structures)
La Mesilla NM / Fort Fillmore (1851-1861)
Fort Selden (1865-1892) (Boyhood home of Douglas MacArthur)
Fort Craig (1864-1885) (Prominent in the Civil War Battle of Valverde)
Columbus NM / Camp Furlong (1916-1918)
Deming NM / WWII Deming Army Air Base and USO (now a museum)
Fort Bayard NM (1866-1900) (now a veteran's hospital)
Fort Cummings NM (1862-1885) (adobe ruins on the Butterfield Trail)
Fort Hancock Texas (1881-1895)
Fort D.A. Russell (Camp Marfa), Marfa Texas (1914-1945) (WWII German POW
Fort Davis National Historic Site (1854-1891)

To Join CAMP (Council on America's Military Past) and receive their
publication, "Headquarters Heliogram," send $35 (individual subscribing) /
$25 (participating) to:

518 West Why Worry Lane
Phoenix AZ 85021

1-800-398-4693 for address changes and information.