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karl h schwerin (schwerin@UNM.EDU)
Wed, 25 Oct 1995 09:21:22 -0600

contact Dave Givens, Academic Relations, American Anthropological Assn.,
4350 N. Fairfax Dr., Suite 640, Arlington, VA 22203 e-mail The AAA has been quite concerned about
multicultural education for the past several years, and in particular the
fact that anthropology has been pretty much left out of the loop. I
believe he may be able to provide you with some published material on the

On Sat, 14 Oct 1995, Rob Prince wrote:

> Search: Multi-cultural curricula/requirements
> For the past few years, Metro State College in Denver has been in the
> process of deepening its commitment to a multi-cultural curriculum. There
> has been a rather lively discussion over both the vision and the implimenta-
> tion of the program that continues up to the present.
> I am interested in information people on the list might be able to
> provide on:
> a. a FEW well thought-out articles or books giving an overview of the
> national movement at the college level to broaden curriculum to include
> multi-cultural foci.
> b. are there any specific outstanding success stories people might
> know where multi-cultural curricula have worked especially well? If
> any of you are involved in an institution that has made successfully
> made such a shift, I would be interested in knowing what you consider
> to have been the key elements to a successful transition.
> c. I am not aware that anthro's have contributed much to this issue,
> (maybe I am wrong?) although it certainly easily falls within the parameters
> (or could) of Cultural/and or Applied Anthro. If there are anthropologists
> out there that have done some work on this issue, or if any of you know
> bibliographical material specifically from Anthro journals dealing
> with this issues, I would appreciate your sharing that info with me
> either through the list or personally.
> Rob Prince/Metro State College of Denver

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