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Wed, 25 Oct 1995 11:04:08 EDT

My recent post about Clarence Thomas generated quite a few queries about
the sources from which I drew. Others may be interested as well so I forward
one of my responses to the list.
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Your local law library has the rulings for last June: The case's full docket is
Missouri v. Jenkins (No. 93-1823). The 3 best books to link the Howard
circle to an American Dilema and then An American Dilema to Brown is probably
Walter Jackson's book Gunnar Myrdal and America's Conscience (1990) UC
Press, Richard Kluger's Simple Justice (1976) Knopf, and Mark Tushnet's
Making Civil Rights Law (1993) Oxford.

Or you can wait for my book: From Savage to Negro: Anthropology and the
Construction of Race. UC Press (god knows when).

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