just ask a question

Mon, 23 Oct 1995 20:44:54 +0800

I am a graduate student of Division of Anthropology of Chinese University of
Hong Kong. In this semester, I am taking a course about the theories
approaches to culture over anthropology's history. After studying
several anthropological theories, I have a question on the trend of the
development of anthropological theories: Whether cultural theory is
progressing, or not?
In the past, some scholars tried to put anthropology as a science. What
they did is to find out a so-called "scienitic method" in doing cultural
research. They promoted objectivity rather than sujectivity. Other
scholars disgreed to treat anthropology as a science since it is
impossible to apply method used in natural science in anthropology.
I know this question seems to be an answer-less one but I really want to
know others' opinion on this question. Please feel free to tell me your
opinion thro' e-mail. Thanks!

Joe Tsui