Science, Religion & Anthropology

Wed, 11 Oct 1995 17:00:00 PDT

Holmes writes:
One part of the field of anthropology is to understand how members of
cultures view their "others" and why it is they place a particular value
on those "others". So, in my view, both science and religion are required
to come to an understanding."

That depends on how you anticipate using religion "to come to an
understanding." If you mean something like: "religion is a universal
phenomenon and I can use my own sense of religion which I have by virtue of
the fact that I am a product of my own culture (i.e., I can use myself as an
informant) to help me frame how I will consider religion in a scientific
perspective on what we are like as a species" then I would agree. If you
mean that we can map "religious knowledge" directly into the domain of
"scientific knowledge" then I would have to disagree.