Re: Post modernism -- more misc. comments

linda schinkel (schinkel@WSUNIX.WSU.EDU)
Thu, 5 Oct 1995 09:37:53 -0700

I thank Richard for connecting feminist theory and its addition of voice
power, position to academia with the civil rights movement. However I
strongly disagree that discussing
the virtures of postmodernism can be disconnected from an understanding
of its historical development. In fact this tendency to disconnect from
the "historical" and the "political" is a major and frequent flaw found
in post-modern anthro projects. For instance from anthro texts to
historical works in current publication concepts like Gramsci's
hegemony are presented in a political and historical void which serves to
"homogenize power relations" (perhaps the pomo approach) instead of
clarifying power relationships (a feminist theory approach). In addition
the philosophical history of post-modernism, the philosophical crisis
created by events ocurring in the 20th century particular around WWII are
essential to an understanding of our relationships with science and
anthrpology at the end of this century.

Linda Schinkel