50 years of Danish anthropology

Jens Kjaerulff (etnojens@AAU.DK)
Thu, 5 Oct 1995 09:43:23 -0700

In Connection with the 50 anniversary of Danish anthropology (which I was
not aware of, though I, too, am a Danish anthropologist) I would like to
announce the presence of the Danish mailinglist on etnography and
anthropology, "ETNOGRP".

ETNOGRP is an anthropological mailinglist much like anthro-l, but mostly in
Danish, and the list may be of particular relevance to people with Denmark
as their point of departure for academic and professional pursuits.

Etnogrp is presumably the first of its kind in Denmark, and the intent with
the list is to make an initial Internet-meeting place and -point of
departure for it's target audience.

The list was started by graduate and postgraduate students at department of
ethnography and anthropology at University of Aarhus (Aarhus, Denmark) in
the fall of 1994. By now it has subscribers from throughout Denmark
(students as well as faculty), as well as subscribers in Australia, United
States, and Canada.

The list, as well as ETNOGRP's WWW-homepage, is considered a "common good"
that is progressively being developed by the users. Anybody with an
interest in anthropology, and who reads and writes Danish, is invited to
subscribe. Subscription requests should be directed to etnojens@aau.dk
(me!). ETNOGRP's WWW-homepage URL is:


Enjoy - and welcome to etnogrp!

Jens Kjaerulff
http://www.aau.dk/~etnojens E-mail: etnojens@aau.dk