Re: Evolution

Juan C. Garelli (Garelli@ATTACH.EDU.AR)
Thu, 5 Oct 1995 04:48:54 +0000

John McCreery writes:

> Karl Schwerin writes,
> "Now I'm going to preach a little: It thus should be to everyone's
> evolutionary advantage to encourage and maintain diversity. We
> thought that was what the 60s were all about,
> allowing everyone to 'do their own thing.' That is what is so
> frightening about this post-modern world where ethnic tensions
> are growing, racism is re-emerging, and ethnic cleansing seems to
> be a high priority political goal. If we want to survive we need to
> get back to a tolerance for our differences and an appreciation for
> and celebration of human diversity."

> Amen. (And I mean it.) John McCreery
I am sure John McCreery must be kidding not to take Karl Schwerin's
posting seriously.

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