Assistance for Cuba sought

Christiana Miewald (CEMIEW00@UKCC.UKY.EDU)
Thu, 5 Oct 1995 08:13:03 EDT

Dear Colleagues:
I am a Physician ( Melbourne) and a Medical Anthropologist (London). I have
been visiting Cuba rather frequently in the recent months and have felt a
growing desire on the parts of the cuban academics to form anthropological
groups and begin offering courses in Anthropology and possibly even degrees
in Anthropology at the Universities.
. I have identified most of the individuals in La Habana and Santiago de Cuba
with interest in Anthropology. Cuba traditionally had taught Physical
Anthropology and there are no trained Socio/Cultural Anthropologists even
though there are quite a few people doing Anthropology. There are at least
four groups of interested people, one at the University of Habana.
They require: An introductory course in Anthropology including methodology,
research and field work. I am trying to organize this course in Habana and
Santiago and all help will be appreciated including but not limited to:
participation in the course, suggestion of topics, books and others
instruments of instruction.
Cuba is undergoing an enormous economic strain at this moment and it is
reflected in the academic world.
If you have books, you can send them to me and I will ferry them over or
bring it to AAA meeting in Washington and I will free them off you. I would
sincerely appreciate any help and I thank you on behald of our cuban
I am going off to Cochin on 5th October and will not be back in USA until
23rd October. My US address is:
Yehuda Kedar Shaheb MD MSc
4081 Woodridge road
Coconut Grove
Florida 33133
Tel and Fax 305 662 5047
e mail cochinjews@

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