Tamarin Social Behaviors

Jason Grooms (CMS0242@UWF.BITNET)
Tue, 3 Oct 1995 17:19:47 CDT

of a small group of Mustached Tamarins (Saguinus mystax) in a closed zoo
environment. I think that I may have discovered a previously unknown behavior.
When I asked the head primate keeper if she had ever seen the behavior she
replied that she did not have time to observe them in the past and couldn't say
. When I attempted to research the type of behavior I found depressingly
little on Tamarin behavior. The only resource that I could find that even
began to approach behavior was a collection of papers from a world conference
in Brazil several years ago. And it only talked about the lack of study on
such animals!
So, I am looking for anyone that may study Tamarin behavior. Possibly
from the Henry Doorley Zoo in Nebraska, or another zoo environment. The
behavior that I observed was a post birth behavior in the male. It occured as
The group consisted, at the time, of one adult male, M1(Poupon), one adult
female, F1(Diosa) and one juvenile female, F2(Bistante). I observed M1
sucessfully mate with F1 in Feb. Several days after the Mate I observed a
strange behavior in M1. He began to follow F1 around the environment. Previous
to the mate M1 did not react this way. He maintaned a distance of no less
than 18-24 inches. When F1 stopped, M1 would position himself alongside her,
without contact, and face in the same direction. This follow, which I named
"Affiliated Follow," continued until birth, when the rearing dichotomy took
I have not, as of yet, had a chance to observe these animals in a larger
social environment. However, I beleive this action to be a display of
possesion directed at other males in the group. I am not looking for critisism
of my observations. I am only looking for any other similar obs.
of Tamarins, or leads that may help me to confirm the theory. Your personal
thoughts are always welcome and I would love to get some Primate specialists
onto this list.
Thanks in advance,
Jason Grooms
Anthropology/Primatology maj.
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Pensacola, FL
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