world wide info for science studies (fwd)

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Mon, 31 Oct 1994 17:06:06 EDT

The University of Missouri-Kansas City is pleased to announce a new project
for its gopher archive "Science Studies", mounted on Over
the last two years, our Science Studies archive has provided a wide variety
of services to the worldwide science studies community. It has come time to
provide a new service, one which has been requested by a large number of
colleagues: a comprehensive guide to what's available in science studies
around the globe. Since there is no such guide currently available in any
form, we propose to create one, and post it on our kasey gopher. Presenting
the guide's information in easy-to-use, downloadable gopher format on the
Internet will make this important resource available just about anywhere,
anytime. Here's how to participate.

We have always construed "science studies" as broadly as possible. This
means that any program in {history, philosophy, psychology, sociology} of
{science, engineering, medicine, technology, or any special subdisciplines
within them} counts as a member of the science studies cluster.
Additionally, we include freestanding or specialist science education
programs, for example, Elementary Science Specialist courses. If you would
like your program to be listed and described in the INTERNET WORLDWIDE
GUIDE, send a program description to me, George Gale, via

Information on your program should include anything you think relevant to
prospective students or colleagues, researchers, or just about anyone who
needs straight information about you. Please limit yourself to 5 screens (=
90 lines) of ascii-text. One easy solution would be to simply reproduce your
program advertisement's copy [assuming, of course, that you have an
advertisement in the first place!]

We hope to organize the guide in two ways: 1) geographically, starting from
continent, and narrrowing down from there; 2) subject-wise. It will be a bit
tricky to do this second display, so we need your help. Here's what we need:
pick from the following list of abbreviations that one (or, if you're
blessed with a surfeit of riches, those ones) which BEST describe your
program. Please, please exercise some patience and flexibility when doing
this part of the exercise. [But of course, if I've forgotten some
significant category, feel free to add it in, and mention it to me in a
wounded tone!]

HS (= history of science)
HSbio,*phys, *etc (= history of biology, history of physics, etc.)
HE (= history of engineering)
HM (= history of medicine)
HPS (= history and philosophy of science)
HT (= history of technology)
PM (= philosophy of medicine)
PS (= philosophy of science)
PSphys, *bio, *etc (= philosophy of physics, philosophy of biology, etc.)
PT (= philosophy of technology)
PsychS (= psychology of science)
SciEd (= science education)
SS (= sociology of science)
SSK (= sociology of scientific knowledge)
ST (= sociology of technology)
STS (= science, technology & society)
STStu (= science & technology studies)

and so on through the various combinations and permutations.

We'll be looking forward to posting your material in the GUIDE.

George Gale,