Re: Judy Mann's article in Washington Post l0/l4-Out of Poverty

Elaine Jordan (lila@PC2.PC.MARICOPA.EDU)
Mon, 31 Oct 1994 13:34:52 -0700

Unfortunately my hand was quicker than my brain and I deleted the
original posting about the Grameen Bank. Could someone please send it to me?

Elaine Jordan

On Mon, 31 Oct 1994, Harriet Whitehead wrote:

> Ruby, thanks for filling in the gaps in my memory of this remarkable
> lending institution. (I believe there was a TV segment on it a couple of
> years back). However, I caught a snippet sometime later regarding some
> sort of political backlash against the Grameen Bank, or against
> Bangladeshi women becoming more independent. Heard anything about that?