Re: Race differences

Sat, 29 Oct 1994 21:45:04 +0000

> Finally, there is historical evidence from cultural achievements
>like inventing numbering systems, alphabets, calendars, paper money,
>clothing, two-story dwellings, wheels, etc. China>Europe>Africa.

Can't wait to see it, Mr. Rushton. Let me guess. Now you're going to claim
that no African society independently invented numeration, an alphabet, a
calendar, money, clothes, or the wheel? Let's even ignore Egypt on this
one... you really think no Subsaharan African society invented ANY of those

> There are also predictions about future economic/scientific
>progress. China and Korea may become space travellers; Nigeria and
>Kenya will not.

Yah, but what about Nigerian and Kenyan astronauts on Chinese and Korean
rockets? I'm dying to hear where this prediction comes from.

> Sorry for the unpalatable truth.


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