Re: Summary/M. Golden

Sherwin P. Hicks (V935CF54@TEMPLEVM.BITNET)
Mon, 24 Oct 1994 18:55:53 EDT

On Mon, 24 Oct 1994 15:16:27 -0400 you said:
>I promised myself, no more general posts, but just one more....
>Public thanks to Jim for clarifying the matter.

Hold it right there....the issue we were discussing was RACISM not
OPPRESSION, Jim !!!!!!!! I believe you may have mistakenly switched
some of my words to get your butt out of a pinch. If anything needs
clarifying, contact me directly.

>A comment: for all of you who are thinking, "oh how ironic!", there is a
>big difference in my mind between being attacked on the basis of gender
>out of left (or right) field, and the question of whether or not women
>experience oppression on the basis of gender (which--in the context of
>race and gender activism, is a question that has a long history). So, if
>Sherwin Hicks doesn't think women can be oppressed, I disagree (just as I
>disagree with those of my white feminist friends who think that men of
>color can't be oppressed because they're men), but it doesn't offend me
>Apologies to anyone who is in need of some juicy irony.
>On Mon, 24 Oct 1994, Jim Barnes // PD-AC-L wrote:
>> Michelle Golden asked if the statement in my recent summary was directed to
>> her. That is, "White women cannot understand oppression" (or words to that
>> effect)
>> No, Ms. Golden that was not directed at you. It was a summary of a statement
>> that Sherwin Hicks made. He had received a private post which he sent to the
>> list as an example of how "weak" his respondents were. The original post
>> said something to the effect that "as a woman I see oppression all around me"
>> Hicks response was that the writer could not possibly understand oppression
>> essentially because she was white.
>> My summary was not attempt to attack anyone (in particular anyway). It was
>> written in disgust. Rushton drops 16 tons of spam on this list and some of
>> you went after those beef lips and byproducts like a pack of wolves. I've
>> enjoyed this list because it consistently contains interesting and often
>> thought-provoking discussions. I was appalled to see how quickly it
>> degenerated into name-calling.
>> BTW, Ms. Golden, I really _do_ hope you had a good weekend.
>> And now if you'll excuse me, I'll lurk once more.
>> Jim Barnes