Re: Hicks

Sherwin P. Hicks (V935CF54@TEMPLEVM.BITNET)
Mon, 24 Oct 1994 18:19:20 EDT

On Mon, 24 Oct 1994 13:50:13 -0500 Ian Mast said:
>All men should shut their mouths and admit that the only superior beings
>are women!!!!!
>I know that a white male with european roots who comes from the state of
>Iowa is clearly unable to understand race and ethnicity, and I also
>realize that I am not worthy to speak with such a superior being but I
>wanted to interject.
>The discourse on this list has consisted of the definition of racism.
>Some say that it is the belief that one race is superior on the basis of
>said racial distinction. The other point of view is that racism is a
>combination of prejudice and power. While the latter definition of racism
>is useful in understanding the present discriminatory social system which
>has been implemented by "white elites," its implementation by Hicks has
>offended me deeply on a personal level. I'm sure that was its intention.
>My interest is the separation of flashing emotions and rational thought.
>In an earlier postinge, hicks asserted that my great-great-grandfathers
>were f---ing SOB's who screwed it up for People of Color. I wonder
>how this assertion can lead to any meaningful action toward limiting hate
>and violence based on racial characteristics. This leads me to my point.

>The agenda set forth in the postings by Hicks, demonstrate that revenge
>rather than equalization is the main motive.

Your statement demonstrates an that Rushton excluded
vital information. Why would revenge be necessary??? I don't want revenge,
I, along with the majority of People of Color, want scientific racialists,
like Rushton, out of business. The time I spend on this computer is
not met with any type of financial return. Rushton drops this fire in my pants
and I have to deal with it. He's not around, he doesn't devote any time to
this list. It's all about money. Why should People of Color sit silent??
There's going to be hostile reaction to destructive statements.
The way I see it, the evil ones who started it are the same ones keeping it

Why not peaceful reaction on my behalf? Please refer to Martin Luther King.
What difference would it make???????

Physical violence is not my game but, I will raise my voice. Call me loud,
call me, and consider me, anything you want.......I will be heard!

>Individually, I am upset by the history of the world. However, I don't
>believe the world would have been some idyllic Eden without the influence
>of "whites". (I hate to use this racial division because it labels a
>broad group of people in the same group.) I do believe that action should
>be taken to correct the injustices that are all around us.
> Since success in educational circles, (at least through high school)
>tends to create opportuinty, I beleive that each one of us should put
>pressure on local school boards and state educational hierarchies to
>create equal opprtunities for education. Clearly, education is not equal
>by any perverse interpretation of the word.
>Secondly, I hope that each one of us would fight racist ideas in our own
>personal lives. Telling people that they are SOB's seems to be a rather
>useless tool in persuasion. What we are faced with as we look toward the
>next century is the acceptance of a vast variety of individuals into a
>heterogenous community. Indeed, if we are to be truly successful in going
>beyond histrical defintions of the "other" as enemy, we must find a way to
>tolerate even those we violently disagree with, i.e. Rushton, and Hicks.
>It is my hope that our goal can be rational and constructive. If not, we
>will continue to be haunted by those among us who seek to divide.
>I. C. Mast,