Re: Summary/M. Golden

Jim Barnes // PD-AC-L (barnesj@SMTP.LMS.USACE.ARMY.MIL)
Mon, 24 Oct 1994 08:01:00 -0600

Michelle Golden asked if the statement in my recent summary was directed to
her. That is, "White women cannot understand oppression" (or words to that

No, Ms. Golden that was not directed at you. It was a summary of a statement
that Sherwin Hicks made. He had received a private post which he sent to the
list as an example of how "weak" his respondents were. The original post
said something to the effect that "as a woman I see oppression all around me"
Hicks response was that the writer could not possibly understand oppression
essentially because she was white.

My summary was not attempt to attack anyone (in particular anyway). It was
written in disgust. Rushton drops 16 tons of spam on this list and some of
you went after those beef lips and byproducts like a pack of wolves. I've
enjoyed this list because it consistently contains interesting and often
thought-provoking discussions. I was appalled to see how quickly it
degenerated into name-calling.

BTW, Ms. Golden, I really _do_ hope you had a good weekend.

And now if you'll excuse me, I'll lurk once more.

Jim Barnes