Author wanting help with novel

Debra Munn (Debra17453@AOL.COM)
Fri, 21 Oct 1994 02:59:05 -0400

I'm not an anthropologist but a writer with a Ph.D. in American literature,
and I'd very much appreciate some help from some forensic anthropologists.
I'm writing a novel in which the main character is a forensic anthropologist
and artist involved in the case of a bog man discovered in Ireland. I've
done some basic research on bog people, but I'm not personally acquainted
with any forensic anthropologists, and I'd like to know more about their
academic backgrounds and everyday working conditions (what problems they
have, what they love about their work, what it's like, etc.). I don't want
to become a pest, but it would be helpful for me from time to time to be able
to talk to or e-mail people to help answer my questions, including those on
facial reconstruction or other anthropological matters.. A few months ago my
husband posted a similar message for me (he had access earlier than I did to
the Internet) and I got some good responses, but I'd still like some others,
if possible. And now I have my own e-mail address, so I'd appreciate any
help you can give me. Thanks very much!

Debra Munn
Amarillo, Texas