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(I am waiting to see if THIS bit of racism gets the same treatment as was
dished out by many to Rushton.)

Message 4/21 From Sherwin Oct 20, 94 08:48:28 pm

\I'm sick and tired of the negative messages being posted regarding
\African-Americans. I would like to propose a new topic for discussion.
\The topic.....RACISM!! Yes, that's right, I said RACISM!! More
\white supremacy. It's obvious to me that there are many non-blacks who
\consider themselves superior to African-Americans but, it's odd so many
\non-blacks spend so much time attempting to reassure themselves of this
\The amount of time devoted to this issue is a direct indication the
\existing sense of inferiority felt by those placing an extraordinary effort
\onproving themselves superior.

I suspect you best speak to yourself on this issue.

\ Why not investigate the Cause/Effect issue of white supremacy???
\has the white man (the minority calling themselves the majority) ruined
\life for all People of Color throughout the entire world???

They did? A rather broad and bigoted statement don't you think? Your use
of "people of color" is another symptom of your problem. It is a racist
construct that has only one characteristic, skin color. If the category of
race is suspect, certainly the category of "people of color" is ridiculous. I
hope this list gives this notion the same treatment, yet more so, that it
gives to those who use the term "white race" or "black race".

\why are white people now trying to legitimize their economic status
\through pseudo-scientific measures (the race and I.Q. debate)?

It is amusing that you turn to Francis Welsing

\Could it be they're trying to sweep their dirty past under te rug??
\Anyone using an encyclopedia would be able to discover what race of
\people has the longest list of hideous crimes in its past. Murder, rape,
\theft, economic oppression, religious persecution, educational
\restriction,and political oppression along with a host of other distasteful
\acts only nicks the surface regarding the so-called "great history" of the

Yet again more racist assertions. Most people see this as a human problem.
Certainly you are not going to claim that people in Africa, for example, are
free from such nasty habits?

\White people wonder why people of color are struggling politically,
\socially, and economically......it's because some of your grandfathers,
\most of yourgreat grandfathers and probably all of your great great
\grandfathers were the filthy sons of bitches who fucked-up the people of
\color around the world.

Tsk tsk more racism.

\Today, white people are ignoring their history, they don't want to fix the
\barbaric effects of barbarian fathers.
\Neely Fuller, in his 1969 copyrighted "The United Independent
\Compensatory for victims of racism (white supremacy), states, "Most
\white people hate Black poeple. The reason that most white people hate
\Black people is because whites are not black people. If you know this
\about white people, you need to know little else. If you do not know this
\about white people, virtually all else that you know about them will only
\confuse you."

Yes this is from The Isis Papers by Francis Welsing (dedication)

No doubt people are asking themselves: Who is Francis Welsing?

Welsing is a member of a group that are "sometimes called the 'melanin
scholars' or 'KMWR [pronounced *khemware*, after Kemet, the name for
Egypt] Scientific Consortium [that are] providing a 'scientific' rationale for
Afrocentricity." (Skeptical Inquirer Vol. 16 p163)


In chapter 19, The Neurochemical Basis for Evil, Welsing states that white
people, because of the absence of melanin, lack the capacity to properly
assess good and evil.

"...I posited melanin, among other things, as a possible
neurotransmitter and the skin melanocytes as the foundation
of the sixth sense - the basis for knowledge of the unseen,
including a deeper knowledge of 'bad'." (p 233, Welsing)

Welsing goes on to say:

".....my own thesis that the absence of neuropeptide
melanin- the absence of this black pigment in the skin and
other aspects of the nervous system - critically impairs the
depth sensitivity of the nervous system and the ability to
tune in to the total spectrum of energy frequencies in the
universe rendering those lacking melanin incapable of
acting in harmony with those frequencies, then it becomes in
incumbent upon those possessing melanin to counteract the
evil." (p238, Welsing)

Not only does she claim super powers bestowed by melanin, she calls upon
those so endowed "to counteract the evil" by "whatever means

\Why do white people hate black people so much? With all the
\historical data available, white people should be begging for forgiveness.
\To take Fuller's account a step further, it should be noted that, in
\the majority of instances, any neurotic drive for superiority usually is
\founded upon a deep and pervading sense of inadequacy and inferiority
\(Welsing, Dr. Frances Cress, 1991:4).

The reasoning behind this is truly amazing.

"White skin is a form of albinism. There is no difference, microscopically
speaking, between the white skin of a white person and the skin of a
person designated as an albino. My central thesis here is that white
skinned peoples came into existence thousands of years ago as the albino
mutant offsprings of black-skinned mothers and fathers in Africa. A
sizable number of these black parents had produced, rejected and then cast
out of the community their genetic defective albino offspring, to live
away from the normal black skin-pigmented population with the awareness
of their rejection and *alienation* [her emphasis] (as in leper colonies)." (p
23, Welsing)

\Do something which would benefit the entire world and all of its
\people of color....research the origin of hate and trickery in white people!!
\Using this type of data will provide accurate extrapolations regarding the
\current situation of the world's People of Color.

\What put me into motion on this topic?? The answer... J.Philippe Ruston
\and other like-minded people. I would LOVE to BEAT the shit out of these
\guys. Some may say I'm proving his theories but, if I can get rid of this
\diseased thinker, so what. I'll take out as many as I can. The children of
\People of Color don't deserve the type of bad press Ruston is attempting
\to deliver.

The "others", you know the "white people", don't need your and Welsing's
kind of racism

\All replies welcomed. Please read Rushton's post prior to sending e-

\ hope this doesn't get me into trouble Hugh but, if it does...Fuck it!
\Throw me off the system if that makes everyone feel better, because as
\long as there are people like J. Philippe Rushton participating on this list,
\I will continue to offer my heart felt responses.

\Die Rushton, die....you fucking pig.

\ With love and kisses,
\ Sherwin P. Hicks