Re: Race, Head Size, And IQ

Hugh Jarvis (C129QP43@UBVM.BITNET)
Thu, 20 Oct 1994 21:51:19 EDT

To J. Phillippe Rushton:

Since you've ignoredthe evidence that conflicts to yours on I.Q. and brain
size; and since you ignore the arguments that IQ does not equal genetically-,
determined innate intelligence, "race" in humans as a biological construct
referring to separate breeding populations has extremely limited to no validity
, and therefore attempts to correlate IQ and race (ie., skin color) are like
correlating freckles and GRE scores -- anything you get has likelier socio-
political explanations than "innate" genetic ones; and since you ignore also
the larger social, cultural and political context of much of the "data" that
you cite (you discount the legacy of slavery on violence in the U.S. by citing
African rates as a counter-argument -- do you really think that the violence of
the slave trade, and the imperial context it was part of, left no legacy in
the places the slaves were taken from?) -- tell us, please, what the policy
implications are of your positions. Following your arguments, do you advocate
a "Brave New World" type of society in which people are steered to the niches
that best suit your definitions of their racial group? What would you tell the
policy-makers working on anti-crime and anti-poverty programs? How would you
advise them to rework the U.S. and Canadian educational systems? If you are as
sure of the soundness of your argument as you seem to be, you must have answers
to these questions.

Eve Pinsker