Race, Head Size, And IQ

Kenneth Gauck (C558382@MIZZOU1.MISSOURI.EDU)
Thu, 20 Oct 1994 12:36:06 CDT

Before we say to much about Rushton's pt. 5 here, it may be interesting to
look at the latest issue of The New Republic. Charles Murray is a regular
contributor to that magazine and his book is the topic of the entire issue.
The entire editorial staff makes signed comments (most less than a page)
about the book, Murray's methods and intentions, about race and the public
policy decisions made in connection to it. It is well worth reading.

Kenneth Gauck
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5. IQ scores are the single best predictor of educational and
occupational success that there is. If you have to wish for your child
this kind of success wish for him or her a high IQ rather than a good
education and social contacts. This is true within families, among
siblings, in both black and white families. The best evidence
for this statement is in THE BELL CURVE by R. J. Herrnstein and
Charles Murray, obtainable from The Free Press in New York (OR,
TOLL FREE 1-800-223-2336. Credit Cards. I aim to inform, not to