American Antiquity back issues offer now closed

Thu, 20 Oct 1994 19:40:56 EDT

office library and that anyone interested in copies of American Antiquity
from '79 through '85 should contact me.

By the time I came into the office this morning I had received 19
responses - all from faculty members, grad students, researchers or folks
representing departmental or other small libraries. The choice would have
been very difficult except that the first response was also the most local
response, and the response most likely to benefit my own students. The
Illinois State Museum, here in Springfield, where my students frequently do
internships, asked for the copies, and that's where I'm taking them.

From the large number of thoughtful responses I received, I wish I had
19 more sets to send out. I know that many other readers of this list are
similarly cramped for office space and would be happy to have some of those
dusty back issues of journals put to better use. From my experiences I'd
encourage you to offer them - there are interested and serious scholars and
libraries out there who can really use them.

Jim Stuart
Sangamon State University
Springfield, IL 62704