Re: IQ, Race, and Rushton: Sorry what was the Question?

Fri, 21 Oct 1994 11:22:29 +1200

Pin-head here, (51 cm Hat size).

The Thread on rushton has focused for some reason on the relativly
mute point of race. We all now that there is a miniscule and purely
anecdotal relationship between race, genetics and culture. Genetics
may play a part in intelligence as there is less room in small heads
for ideas, concepts and coherent energy to get lost in, or distorted
by dispersion.

The really dumb question (I think Anthropology is about asking these
at opportune moments) is: "WHAT DO ANTHROPOLOGISTS MEAN BY

*one or two postings implied some correlation between notions of IQ
and culture. I personally feel that culture and environment is
determinative of "success" (with genetics as an aspect of environment)
so if IQ measures coorellate with success.
? Does this mean success in multiple cultural domains or in "White
Euro- American" society alone? What do we mean by success, how do
we measure it -is it reproductive, commercial/fiscal, political, or
moral & societial? --If the last two,then in my opinion "white-
Euro-Americans" society failed the global IQ test!
(witness Central America, the War on Drugs, and the Gulf War for
starters-High marks for technology (85%), low on resource management
(33.3 %), zero for social responsability and moral prudence (well
maybe the obligatory 5% for trying).
# The truth is not always offensive

# But it more likely to be
John Waldmann
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