Double standard on slander?

Wed, 19 Oct 1994 09:21:33 CDT

One day we are told that we can no longer discuss the policies of the
new editors at American Anthropologist because someone might think some
of it is slanderous. Then we have a long thread on Rushton in which
he is referred to as "El Jagoff" and a "jerk," as well as a shoddy
scholar. While I do not want to appear to be defending Rushton or
his research, which I think is appallingly bad and an enormously
destructive to efforts to understand connections between evolution
and behavior, I do wonder whether there is a double standard on this
list. Why is it all right to slander Rushton but not anyone else?
Or should we really try to be polite to everyone, even people whose views
and "research" we find reprehensible, if for no other reason than
so that we don't want to lower ourselves to their level?

Just a thought.


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