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I received two job postings yesterday in the areas of television and radio
programming for Native Americans. Here they are:



This position is responsible for management and supervision of all finances,
program and grants management and operations of the Native American Public
Broadcasting Consortium (NAPBC).

The NAPBC has offices in Lincoln, Nebraska, at the Nebraska Educational
Television and Radio Network. This long term association allows NAPBC staff
to take advantage of liberal University of Nebraska benefits. However,
NAPBC is a 501(c)(3) educational corporation independent of the University
system and manages its own business affairs.

For seventeen years NAPBC has been an established leader in Native American
public television and radio program development, production, librarying and
distribution. CUrrently NAPBC is developing the American Indian Radio on
Satellite Network, contracted for administrative and technical services for
the AMerican Indian Higher Education Consortium Telecommunications project,
managing fifteen to twenty program grants, creating new markets for video
sales, is co-producing two major radio and television projects, and
initiating new technologies planning for Indian communities.

NAPBC is a non-profit educational entity whose business is to produce and
encourage the production and succesful use of wuality public telecommunication
programs by and about Native Americans for both Native American and general

REQUIRES: Bachelor's with major in business administration or related field,
with emphasis in accounting, plus three years financial and/or
business management experience required; equivalency considered.
Excellent communication/interpersonal skills essential. Supervisory
and computer skills necessary.

DEADLINE: Interested applicants should send cover letter and complete resume
by October 31, 1994 to the address below.

CONTACT: Personnel Coordinator
University Television/NAPBC
P.O. Box 83111
Lincoln, NB 68501
(402) 472-3611

* Responsible for maintenance of financial records, establish operational
controls and procedures.
* Negotiaties and administrates assigned contracts for grants and NAPBC
* Work with Director and staff in planning, selecting, training and running
of computer hardware and software for efficient office networking and
* SUpervise billing for goods and services provided or contracted by NAPBC
with various vendors, supervise the collection of money, establish
procedures to follow up on collections for delinquent accounts.
* Work with Director and supervise Program Fund grant payments and producer
compliance with reports and deliverables.
* Responsible for the preparation and analysis of monthly and annual
operational and project reports.
* WOrk with Director in preparing NAPBC's annual budget.
* Oversee the day-to-day operations and supervision of assigned staff.
* COnduct or participate in negotiations for NAPBC programs and/or services.



This position is responsible for the creative program design and technical
uplink of AIROS, the American Indian Radio on Satellite network that serves
twenty-five (25) native radio stations and the public radio system in the
lower 48 states and Alaska. Reports to the AIROS network manager. Position
is contigent upon continued project funding, presently through September 30,

AIROS is a project of the Native American PUblic Broadcasting Consortium
(NAPBC) with offices in Lincoln, Nebraska at the Nebraska Educational
Television and Radio Network.

AIROS is in its first full year of development as a program distribution
and interconnection system that will servce up to 25 native radio station
communities and public radio at large.

AIROS is eeking applicants who have creative energy and experience, and want
to be involved in this history making project for Native communities at large.

REQUIRES: Bachelor's plus one year experience *OR* any combination of
experience and/or education equivalent to five years required.
Background must include public radio programming or production
experience, preferrable in a native-owned operation. Knowledge
and/or training in broadcast journalism, speech communications or
public relations preferred.

DEADLINE: Interested applicants should send cover letter and complete resume
by October 31, 1994 to the address below.

CONTACT: Personnel Coordinator
University Television/NAPBC
P.O. Box 83111
Lincoln, Nebraska 68501
(402) 472-3611


* Develops and creates a regular quality program plan and schedule,
utilizing all available programming opportunities, which meets the needs
of American Indian radio communities.

* Initiates and recommends programming acquisitions, including program
previews and critique rights releases, compensation and is responsible
for post-production (editing, voicing intros and credits, mixing, etc.),
when necessary.

* Implements outreach by maintaining regular station relations by daily
consultation and communications by DACS, facsimile, electronic mail,
correspondence and telephone.

* Establishes and maintains on-going Native-content programming inventory
for broadcast and archive.

* Promotes, markets and distributes programming to affiliates and system.

* Responsible for all program traffic to and from stations, independent
producers and other production entities to AIROS uplink site.

* Assures program delivery from stations and producers meets program
policies and standards on AIROS. Responsible for unforeseen schedule
changes and correction.

* Maintains network operations records and shares new effective networking
strategies so that those in the system can work cooperatively and with
maximum efficiency.

* Assists in the preparation of the AIROS budgets with Network Manager and
NAPBC Director.

* Creates, maintains and updates mailing lists and directories of AIROS-
related public telecommunications entities.

* Prepares necessary activity reports as assigned by Network Manager.

* Assists the AIROS Manager in the development and preparation of grant
proposals for AIROS.

* In the absence of the AIROS Manager, represents AIROS at meetings and
functions as assigned.

This is posted as a public service. I have no interest or stake in either

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