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Tue, 18 Oct 1994 00:04:10 +0000

After finally seeing this ad "in print," I must say there is more to it
than merely mildly distasteful commercialism.

> J. Philippe Rushton here to announce the release of my book by
>Transaction Publishers at Rutgers' University. The book has 334 pages,
>64 tables and figures, and costs $34.95. It can be ordered directly
>from the publishers. Major credit cards accepted. Call 1-908-932-2280.

Do any major publishers NOT accept major credit cards?

> Race, Evolution, and Behavior examines how and why the three large
>macro-races differ. I disagree with the prevailing view that if all people
>were treated the same most race differences would disappear.

Ummm... this is a slight misstatement of Boas, to say the least.

>I have found
>that on over 60 different anatomical and social variables, Asians
>and Africans are at opposite ends of a continuum, with Europeans intermediate.
>These data are based on international sources and go well beyond the
>U.S.A. where the pattern is also to be found. These variables include
>brain size, intelligence, crime, personality, sex hormones, twinning
>rate, family stability, and social organization.

I've seen Rushton's articles in various compendia on scientific racism.
This may be because with stuff like this in print, he's so obvious a

> I explain a trade-off
>between brain size and sexual potency using life history theory. After
>modern humans originated in Africa about 100,000 years ago, they dispersed
>into Eurasia. The colder climates selected for larger brains, more
>forward planning, greater family and social stability, and lower levels
>of sexual behavior. Simply put, it is more difficult to raise children
>successfully in winter climates. The Asian populations evolving in
>Siberia suffered the greatest selection pressures, especially during
>the last ice age which ended only 10,000 years ago.

Ummm... perhaps more information on how said traits were selected by the
Ice Age, and where they are supposedly located on the genome, might be

> I present much behavior genetic evidence from transracial adoption
>studies and using genetic weightings derived from inbreeding depression
>studies to explain racial differences, particularly in IQ scores.

Shades of Charles Murray! Looks like the IQ "debate" is alive and well again...

> Chapters include:
> 1.Revamping Social Science
> 2. Character Traits
> 3. Behavioral Genetics
> 4. Genetic Similarity Theory
> 5. Race and Racism in History
> 6. Race, Brain Size, and Intelligence
> 7. Speed of Maturation, Personality, and Social Organization
> 8. Sexual Potency, Hormones, and AIDS

This chapter is, undoubtedly, a doozy. I can't wait to see the
sociobiological taste treats in here.

> 9. Genes Plus Environment
> 10. Life-History Theory
> 11. Out of Africa
> 12. Challenges and Rejoinders
> 13. Conclusions and Discussion
> Glossary
> References
> Full Indexes
> J. Philippe Rushton
> Department of Psychology
> University of Western Ontario
> London, Ontario, Canada N6A 5C2

Ummm... without being too much of a "disciplinarian," might I be the first
to suggest that psychologist Rushton at least take one course in
anthropology before proferring such gems?
I think the content of this nonsense, and not the commercial plea, is
what offends me.


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