Female Husbands AKA Gynaegamie

Mon, 17 Oct 1994 23:17:59 EDT

Whether one calls it woman-woman marriage OR gynaegamie OR female
husbands I think that Matthias Dietz-Lenssen and I are talking about
the same institution/behaviors but only a very few of the references
I forwarded to M D-L made it onto the list posted here a few days ago.
Have received no response to a query to MD-L so want to make it clear
that female husbands are more common than might be supposed---at least in
Africa where they occur in over 30 societies, including: Ibo (Igbo), Nuer,
Zulu, and Lovedu. For ethnographic sources cf. O'Brien (1977) Female
Husbands in Southern Bantu Societies in Schlegel, Alice, Sexual Stratifica-
tion [Columbia]. I'm quite sure this is out of print so assume posting
it cannot be construed as an ad. Chapter deals with more than S. Bantu
sources-----or contact me.