CCC/WPA and Native Americans

Kevin E. Smith (kesmith@FRANK.MTSU.EDU)
Sun, 16 Oct 1994 16:56:28 -0500


I ran across a brief reference to the involvement of Native Americans in
the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and Works Progress Administration
(WPA) programs during the Great Depression, particularly in the Prairie
and Plains regions. These programs had a strong impact on Euroamerican
populations in my home state of Tennessee (and elsewhere), and my
grandparents and many of my aunts and uncles were involved in them. There
have been several recent studies of CCC/WPA programs in the Tennessee
area, and I'm wondering if there are any comparable publications on
Native American involvement in these programs... Just curious!

Kevin E. Smith
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Middle Tennessee State University
Murfreesboro, TN 37132 USA