Re: Rushton advert. vs. AmAmth future

Jacobs Kenneth (jacobsk@ERE.UMONTREAL.CA)
Sun, 16 Oct 1994 16:59:59 -0400

Imagine my surprise to find in today's mail the following:
> J. Philippe Rushton here to announce the release of my book by
> Transaction Publishers at Rutgers' University. The book has 334 pages,
> 64 tables and figures, and costs $34.95. It can be ordered directly
> from the publishers. Major credit cards accepted.
[detailed advert for book deleted here]

And *this* mere days after we've been warned off discussing AAA and AmAnth
policies on Anthro-L because such disucssion is "too political." Excuse my
high dudgeon, but does Ruston's slf-promo indicate that while politics is
out on Anthro-L, the crassly commercial is OK?

Ken Jacobs
Univ de Montreal