Red Horse of Tysoe

Douglas B Hanson (dhanson@WORLD.STD.COM)
Fri, 14 Oct 1994 15:42:54 -0400


I am looking for some information on the above. I have a xerox page from an
unknown volume with an image of a horse. The captions reads: "Outline of
the Red Horse of Tysoe, now destroyed, but reconstructed from a series of
photographs taken from the air and from the ground. The great horse was
approximately 250ft long and 200ft high. The work of reconstruction has
been done by Graham Miller and Kenneth Carrdus." Some of the associated
text would indicate that the Red Horse of Tysoe was located in Scandinavia
somewhere. Can anyone tell me where this was located, the date(s) of its
creation and who created it? Thanks.

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