reple to Johnston re-class

Moira Killoran (mkilloran@WHITTIER.EDU)
Thu, 13 Oct 1994 10:27:35 -0800

This reply never got posted when I sent it in two weeks ago in response to
Marius Johnston's "flame" - "you" refers to "Marius" I would say Johnston but
since I - a stranger- was addressed by my first name I chose to respond in
the same fashion. Unfortunately, the timing was crucial *here*:

I find it curious that you chose to address me in the third person,
publically, in sharp contrast to the 6 people who directly responded to my
query with what I asked for: feedback/ideas/a chance to have something like a
dialogue about my course. Rather than asking me, or suggesting to me,
another interpretation of the bumper sticker, you chose to use your
interpretation as a bases for trashing my course as "political
indoctrination" hunh? what are you assuming here? and is such a battle with
such limited information helpful? (Feedback is after all, what I was asking
for- if you note the last sentence of my query, I am concerned about
attracting male students, and am looking for texts...hence the point of my
posting. Really. Can you deal with your aggression in a more positive
fashion- rather than turning your assumptions about my course into a
personalized diatribe?