Please Read! (Message from one of the list owners)

Thu, 13 Oct 1994 13:11:36 EDT

Hello all anthro-l subscribers. On reading over all teh messages that
were posted to anthro-l recently in regards to the American Anthropological
Association, their journal, and its editorial policy, it has occured to
me that some of these statements may well be viewed to tie into what is
really political debate over the course of that Association and its
journal. As there are already media for the discussion of those issues,
and appropriate avenues for teh expression of discontent, or content
over their activities, I will ask that further discussion of this topic
be taken of the list. Anthro-l was established to be a medium for the
communication of information, and the friendly discussion of topics
relating to anthropology and anthropological research. It was never
intended to be a political mouthpiece. Thank you.

Hugh Jarvis

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