Re: A spirit of bitterness is abroad on ANTHRO-L...

Fri, 7 Oct 1994 09:36:58 CDT

Mizrach suggests that my posting about the new issue of Am. Anth.
was inspired by the theoretical bent of the new editors. This is
not the case. I do not really care what theoretical stance the
editors may have, as long as they do a decent job of editing the
journal, and to me that means reviewing all manuscripts submitted
and maintaining in general a light editorial hand, given that it
is the official journal of the AAA. It would bother me just as
much of the editors had chosen to take a heavy editorial hand and
devote the issue to my own favorite topic, human behavioral ecology.
That style of editing should have no place at AA. It should be
a journal for the whole discipline, as the name implies.

So, to repeat in order to make my point clear, the problem with the
new AA is not the particular theoretical ax the editors seem to be
grinding, but the fact that they're using their editorship to grind
one at all. Sure, it should be an interesting and lively journal,
but Current Anthropology manages to achieve that goal without
taking the heavy-handed, one-sided approach chosen by the Tedlocks.


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