Re: A spirit of bitterness is abroad on ANTHRO-L...

Fri, 7 Oct 1994 13:47:20 EDT

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I feel that it is too early to know whether or not the Tedlocks have
taken a heavy-handed 1-sided approach or are grinding a theoretical axe.
Imhop we should "suspend disbelief" for a few more issues. Perhaps the
various issues will be structured around themes--- might make them
more convenient and easier to use for everyobody. Senior professors
in my department have assured me that, apart from the past couple
of years, AA has for a long time had an anti-biological bent. If true
then it is regrettable; however, it would also show that the present
focus is no great deviation from past policies. Perhaps the *real*
issue here is the idea, held in common by many anthropologists, that
somehow *cultural* anthropology is generally important and biocultural
and prehistoric cultural anthropology are not. The new AA
editors are not the source of the problem.