Re: Ad Man

Thu, 6 Oct 1994 14:11:07 EST

I would add to your retort that being a non-academic, applied
anthropologist should not be considered as merely a temporary or
alternate solution for those who acnnot get an academic job in times
of scarcity. It is fine, good, correct, positive, excellent if
someone when many of us would like to work in a professional setting
that is not in an academic department.

I think most applied anthropologists have given up trying to explain
this to anthropologists who think that getting a job in a university
is what any graduate student and anthropologist should logically want!

Eventually, many of the non-applied anthropologist will be using the
NAPA-made video "Anthropologists at Work"in their classes, all the
while thinking that the production of the film was suggested by the
AAA office or members of G.A.D. and made by them.

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