AA and the new format

Thu, 6 Oct 1994 12:54:59 EWT

Pat Clay's comments draw me into a closely related issue that should be
discussed on the list: the trend in Anthropology and in Sociology to
move rapidly toward complete specializations, and give up the generalist
- theretical - and multi-disciplinary approach. This trend seems to have
snow balled in the last two decades . . . probably as a functionof
utility . . . but it appears to be donig damage to the professions

In private e-mail, I've heard from doctoral candidates at Eastern
Ivy L. universities that they are told that to specifically attempt to
obtain a `gneeralist' perspective or to cross-disciplines and master
more than one or two fields is becoming the `kiss of death for anthro
and soc.

I wonder what the general thinking on the list is as to if we have
simply moved too far toward specialization, and if we shouldn't begin
to encourage more multi-disciplinary work, more generalization and
more synthesis and theory.

John O'Brien