Same sex Weddings

Kenneth Gauck (C558382@MIZZOU1.MISSOURI.EDU)
Mon, 3 Oct 1994 15:55:15 CDT

I don't think the government regulates marraige because it wants to, in so
much as marraige remains an economic agreement, the govenment is brought
in by the desire of people to settle the end of marraige (death or divorce)
according to custom. Certainly anyone can take on (a) partner(s) and
define the relationship any way they want (with certain exceptions like
slavery) but they lack legal recourse if things turn out in a way they don't
like. Its like saying I'd like to sell my car, but I don't want the government
involved. All well and good, until someone other than the purchaser tries
to claim ownership.

Kenneth Gauck