Merit Increase Reviews

Tue, 28 Nov 1995 19:23:00 PST

November 28, 1995

All List Members:

I am trying to introduce participation in lists as part of the
materials to be considered for a Merit Increase Review here at
UCLA. The lists are, I think, one of the ways in which we, as
faculty, can participate in, and contribute to, a (virtual?)
community of anthropologists.

I am currently up for a Merit Increase Review (in the Full
Professor series) and want to make myself a test case. As many
of you know, I have made a number of comments and responses to
posts made on these lists. For those of you so inclined to do
so, I would like for you to send to our chair, Prof. James Hill,
any comment you might want to make about my participation in
these lists.

Please be aware that any materials that are made part of a
personnel review may be released to the candidate in redacted
form; that is, verbatim copies will be given to the candidate
upon request except for the removal of an identifying header or
signature. Identifying material in the body of the text will not
be removed.

Send your comments directly to:

Prof. James Hill, Chair
Dept. of Anthropology

with Subject: Merit Increase Review (Read). Prof. Hill's e-mail
address is:



Dwight W. Read