Re: Nieman-Marcus Cookies

Russell Kaye and Sandra-Lee Phipps (rsk@IOS.COM)
Tue, 28 Nov 1995 13:21:30 -0500

>What about the one about the two guys from (pick any small town) who hit the
>deer and thought they killed it. Rather than waste the meat, they put it in
>the back of their (pick any small car) and were on their way home to chop it
>up when the deer recovered from the shock and wasted the car trying to get
>out. I even have a friend who SWEARS it happened to a hunting buddy of his. I
>like this one tho: animal triumphs over man AND technology. Meanwhile, man is
>practicing conservation. The funny thing is, had it been a woman, she would
>have never hit the deer in the first place!! :?) Anyone else?
>- Adrienne

Here's my urban legends, they're a little steamier than cookies and
venison, however.

What about the Delta Steward on a layover in New York City who goes out on
the town with the other stewards and stewardesses and then disappears. When
he finally reappears the next morning he's really sick and confused and
cannot remember what has happened. The last thing he remembers is meeting a
woman and going back to her place and then waking up in some strange hotel
room and then he's so sick he passes out and cannot be revived and the
other Delta employees rush him to the Emergency room and they find a
rather large incision in his abdomen and they do an x-ray and discover that
he's missing a kidney. This happened to a good friend of my girlfriends

or the one I've heard a few times:

a girl picks up a mana nd they go back to her place and the next morning
he's gone when she wakes up and she goes into her bathroom and discovers
"welcome to the aids club" written with her lipstick on the bathroom
mirror. I've heard this one a few times and it's always happened to the
best friend of a really good friend of mine.


Russell Kaye