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Greg Laden (gladen@HUSC.HARVARD.EDU)
Mon, 27 Nov 1995 20:23:04 -0500

On Mon, 27 Nov 1995, Adrienne Dearmas wrote:
> What about the one about the two guys from (pick any small town) who hit the
> deer and thought they killed it. Rather than waste the meat, they put it in
> the back of their (pick any small car) and were on their way home to chop it
> up when the deer recovered from the shock and wasted the car trying to get
> out. I even have a friend who SWEARS it happened to a hunting buddy of his. I
> like this one tho: animal triumphs over man AND technology. Meanwhile, man is
> practicing conservation. The funny thing is, had it been a woman, she would
> have never hit the deer in the first place!! :?) Anyone else?

That's an old Woody Allen story from when he was only famous in the
Catskills (as an entertainer, not a hunter!). But the following is TRUE,
I am not making this up:

A canadian poacher over the border in northern Maine was spotted by a
warded when he shot a moose. The poacher tied the moose to his 12 foot
motor boat to bring it back across the St Croix. But the moose, only
wounded, woke up and swam back to shore, and ran away through the woods.
Problem was, it was still tied on to the boat. The guy's boat and moter
were wrecked, and the Maine game warden liesurly (you can imagine -- in
case you didn't know, people in Maine are all pretty much exactly like
they are depicted on TV) sauntered down and arrested him. Honest!

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