Return of Birdtribes and ?

Mon, 27 Nov 1995 18:42:19 EST

who also has written a couple of books on channeling the "starseed
transmissions". To give you a hint the book begins with story about
how the "warrior tribes" were exiled from the north american continents
because they were not peaceful. That is rather an in-eloquent bit of
paraphrasing but just believe me when I say that, whether or not there is
any truth in the story,there is plenty of truth in the message. It is a
one night read that is beautifully constructed (in my opinion)and quite
interesting from an athropological point of view. At least it is worth
flipping through upon your next trip to a good library or book store.
If you do you'll have to send your thoughts, I'd be very interested
to hear them.
I have a question for everyone elso also. If I am being
distasteful forgive me, us hicks have a tendancy to think that
we're living in a barn. I am nearing the end of my 2 1/2 yr stint
for my bachelor of Anthro-Geo/ Honors program here at USM-Portland
and I have decided I need more ethnographic reading/research under
skirt before I do my workstudy let alone graduate. Besides that I'm
broke. So I'm going to take a few months to get out of debt and
gather some money together and then I am going to do some traveling
(AGAIN) It occurred to me that there may be people who might not
mind sharing some good food and shelter (or even not so good) in
exchange for research or other 'busy work'. Among my other skills,
are babysitting and horse training (I have an assoc. of Equine
Industries) If there is any interest, please e-mail me with the
best times of year..... Thank you!!! Patricia