Re: Nieman-Marcus Cookies

Adrienne Dearmas (DearmasA@AOL.COM)
Mon, 27 Nov 1995 18:07:08 -0500

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>In addition to the Nieman-Marcus cookie story, there is one about a rich
>woman running her car into young people who stole her parking space that
>she had been waiting for (the story was even featured as part of the story
>of Fried Green Tomatoes, although I heard it told long before then in
>Dallas, TX about a Mobil oil associate). When the woman protests at their
>taking her parking space, the young people respond with "we're younger and
>faster", the woman responds with several bashes of their car with hers,
>saying "I'm richer and have more insurance." Like the cookie story, the
>protagonist is always a relative, a coworker, etc.
>I think these stories are reflective of a sense of popular justice and
>resistance that in the telling provide a sensse of social vindication for
>wrong righted.
>Other thoughts ...?
>Kim Falk
>University of Pittsburgh

What about the one about the two guys from (pick any small town) who hit the
deer and thought they killed it. Rather than waste the meat, they put it in
the back of their (pick any small car) and were on their way home to chop it
up when the deer recovered from the shock and wasted the car trying to get
out. I even have a friend who SWEARS it happened to a hunting buddy of his. I
like this one tho: animal triumphs over man AND technology. Meanwhile, man is
practicing conservation. The funny thing is, had it been a woman, she would
have never hit the deer in the first place!! :?) Anyone else?

- Adrienne