Re: Urban folklore

Michael Ashkenazi (mashkena@ACS.UCALGARY.CA)
Mon, 27 Nov 1995 08:42:44 -0700

On Sun, 26 Nov 1995, Marie E. Seitz wrote:

> That's funny, I've heard that in Japan they have cars with toilets in them
> and that the Japanese sometimes wear masks when they are sick (to keep from
> infecting others-a great concept). To tell you the truth, I am amazed at the
> amount of urban folklore that is running around out there.
> Marie Papachatzis
> SUNY at Buffalo
If by "urban folklore" you mean that these two items are apocryphal, then
I'm afraid you're wrong: I remmember a TV report in Tokyo which showed a
taxi in which the driver/owner had installed a tv, washer/dryer, and iron
for the comfort of his passengers (don't know specifically about toilets,
but wouldn't seem irrational). Japanese DO wear face masks to avoid
infecting other people when they have a cold.

Mike Ashkenazi