Re: Net Socialisation - Reply to Carucci

Michael Bauser (islander@MAIL.MSEN.COM)
Sat, 25 Nov 1995 21:12:50 -0500

In article <<> of fa.anthro-l, you wrote:
> I'm not taking sides on this, but I did want to point out the irony of
> Mr. Carucci's criticism of Ruby. In what, to me, appears to be a
> message that should be sent personally, he criticises her for sending
> personal messages publicly. Then again, perhaps I have a different idea
> of what should be considered a personal message. I do know, however,
> that if I'm to be taken to task for something I do, I much prefer it be
> sent to me in private, and I prefer to send it in privacy.
> Am I the only one that feels that way?

Hmmm. I often find it useful (on- and offline) to take people (especially
repeat offenders) to task in public, given that public humiliation and
embarassment constitute a stronger negative reinforcment than mere scolding,
and are thus more likely to encourage the other person to behave themselves
according to the appropriate social norms.

This approach if, of course, more effective when the rest of the community
agrees that I'm *right* (and the other person is *wrong*), and/or the rhetoric
used is particularly erudite and cruel. (Fortunately, of course, I'm always
*right*. It's a gift.)

But gosh, that's just a pragmatic observation based on life in the shame
culture. (Shame culture. I read that in a book somewhere.) Socrates
wouldn't like it, but he's dead, so what do I care?

Sociopaths, of course, are immune to shame. Banish or kill `em, I guess.

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