AAA Meetings (fwd)

Patricia Clay (pclay@WHSUN1.WH.WHOI.EDU)
Wed, 22 Nov 1995 08:51:15 -0500

Hugh Jarvis wrote:>
> Well, to all who did drop by Ruby's socials at the Hilton Grill
> during the American Anthropological Assoc meetings in Washington,
> thanks. It certainly was nice to actually see what people look
> like. I think we should all make an attempt to reduce the
> anonymity that the Net lends itself to. That way we will build
> a stronger community.

I strongly agree. The list I'm most active on, FISHFOLK, has been remarkably
free of flame wars, and I believe this is due in large part to the fact that
a large portion of at least the active members actually know each other in
person as well as on the list.

In addition to meeting occasionally, remember that Danny Yee has some
biographies on his home page (whose address I have on my other computer).
Reading those, and adding to them might help as well.

Trish Clay

Dr. Patricia M. Clay, Anthropologist
National Marine Fisheries Service
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