Re: Atheistic religions-Secular Humanistic Judaism

Martin Cohen (mcohen@UCLA.EDU)
Thu, 9 Nov 1995 08:35:32 -0700

>On Wed, 8 Nov 1995, Ruby Rohrlich wrote:
>> Is The fact that secular humanistic judaism exists where there is an
>> academic community responsible for the" man/human" term, in other words, the
>> equating of "man" and "human"? If so,what is so "humanistic" about
>> that? Ruby Rohrlich

I am working with (and am a member of) a Secular Jewish community in the
United States. They have developed secular Bar and Bas (Bat) Mitzvas. And
the previous sentence is how they pluralize them, because B'nai Mitzva is a
masculine plural. It is impossible to have a gender-free plural without
resorting to English.