Atheistic religions-Secular Humanistic Judaism

Wed, 8 Nov 1995 08:18:18 +0200

Secular Humanistic Christianity may be defunct in California according to
a colleague on the list, however the movement is not confined to
Christianity but is alive and well in the Jewish faith. The movement
attributed to Rabbi Wine in Detroit Michigan in the 1950's exists in
Israel as well, its main emphasis being that Secular Humanistic Judaism is
Man/Human centered, rather than centered around a diety. In fact the
symbol of the movement is a traditional Jewish menora, the only
difference being is that in the center a human being stands with his/her
hands held aloft. Here in
Jerusalem some of the countrys most prominant intellectuals are active in
the movement. Unfortunatly the movements strongest adherents are confined
to those areas where there is an academic community.

Joe Zias, Curator IAA