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I posted this on Arch-L but am reposting on Anthro-l for interested parties
there. I would be interested in any additional references that might be of
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If anyone is still interested in the warfare repostings, I will be glad to
send it outto you - Also i am working on a warfare bibliography based on this
thread. It was constructed rather quickly so forgive any glaring omissions
of important works on warfare. If you have any suggestions to the list below
I will be glad add them to the list. I would like to thank all of you who
have contributed so far or will do so in the future. Some of these
citations are incomplete so if you can help fill in the info, or if I missed
a work you feel should be included please write to me at arkyjay@aol.com.
For example my copy of Warfare in the Tribal Zone is in California so I
don't have the reference for that listed. An updated bibliography will be
posted at a later date.

Warfare Bibliography So Far

Anderson, J.
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Arendt, H.
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1963 The Bell Site *Wisconsin Archeologist* 44(1).

Author (?)
Date? Title? Canadian Review of Physical Anthropology Vol.5
(About the Van Oordt Cemetery, where
the butchered remains of a dozen young adult males
interred c.1400 A.D.)

Author (?)
Date? 'An archaeological correlate of war.' North
Archaeologist 14: 139-151.
Author (?)
1970s (?) Title? an article was published in the _Bulletin
the Archaeological Society of Connecticut_
a *massacre* site
Barnie, J.
1974 War in Medieval Society, Social Values and the
Year's War 1337-99 Weidenfeld and Nicholson,

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of Competitive Exclusion". in Origins of the State:
Anthropology of Political Evolution, ed. by R. Cohen
E. R. Service, pp. 205-223. Institute for the Study
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and Winston, New York.

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On War
(State vs. State warfare).

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The Evolution of Sociopolitical Organization, Bergin
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Cybulski's, Jerry
Date? A Greenville Burial ground, Human Remains and
Mortuary Elements in British Columbia Prehistory,
Archaeological Survey of Canada,Canadian Museum
(This work on the Northwest Coast has good data
for the
level of violence on the coast between ca. 5000
1500 bp. This work contains basic data. )

1994 "Culture Change, Demographic history and health
disease on the Northwest Coast" in In the Wake of
Contact: Biological Reponses to Conquest, Wiley-Liss,

Inc. pp 75-85,
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published by the London Chapter of the Ontario
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papers in
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AUTHOR Heidenreich, Conrad Edmund.
TITLE Huronia; a history and geography of the Huron Indians,
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SUBJECT Wyandot Indians.
BIBLIOG Bibliography: p. 316-337.
DESCRIPT 337, [38] p. illus., maps. 24 cm.

CORP AUTHOR Jesuits. Letters from missions (North America)
TITLE The Jesuit relations and allied documents: travels
explorations of the Jesuit missionaries in New
France, 1610-
1791; the original French, Latin, and Italian texts,
English translations and notes.

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Date? Title? Canadian Journal of Archaeology 1:15-80
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Nebraska. Plains Anthropologist 39(148):211-219.

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American Antiquity 56:581-6
(An excellent example of archaeological evidence
warfare is the Crow Creek Site in South Dakota.)

Owsley, Doug and Dick Jantz
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Smithsonian Press.
(They have an entire section devoted to evidence
warfare on the Plains.)

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ADD AUTHOR Thwaites, Reuben Gold, 1853-1913.
PUBLISHER Cleveland, Burrows Bros. Co., 1896-1901.
SUBJECT Jesuits --Missions.
Indians of North America --Missions.
Indians of North America --Bibliography.
New France --Discovery and exploration.
Canada --History --Sources.
(This ethnographic material is some of the earliest
historical data we have about American Indians close
the time of invasion by Europeans. These letters are
amazing in their richness of detail.)

AUTHOR Trigger, Bruce
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EDITION 2nd ed.
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LCCN 89024412.

AUTHOR Trigger, Bruce G.
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NOTE Includes index.
BIBLIOG Bibliography: p. [857]-884.
DESCRIPT 2 v. (xxiii, 913 p.) : ill., maps ; 26 cm.
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